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Whether you are moving interested in downsizing, estate liquidation or selling a personal collection a professionally run estate sale could save you from a world of headaches and stress.
We offer a free consultation and will meet with you to discuss which of our range of services is right for you. Each sale is tailored to your specific needs.
 I have a small staff of dedicated people who bring to each project expertise in their area of interest. Each one of us has the same love and dedication to our work which make us a formidable team.
If a sale is decided on, we will display, research and set prices for each item being offered. We will prepare newspaper advertising, display local signage, cross promote Internet exposure and email notifications from our ever-growing list of followers to insure the best possible outcome for your sale.

At the end of the sale, if required, we will coordinate charitable donations and arrange clean-out services.

Our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible by offering the most competitive rates and services in the industry and creating a climate that will inspire confidence
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Serving Connecticut and New York
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Estate Sales
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